I am a fully qualified and insured equine sports massage therapist covering Cornwall and Devon.
Equine muscle treatments can benefit all horses from the elderly family pet to the most advanced of competition horses. Massage can be used to help minimize injury as well as treat some injuries, optimize performance through regular treatment as well as keeping your horse supple, happy and willing to work.
For more details please contact me for prices and individual treatment information.

All visits and information is kept strictly confidential at all times.

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29 Reviews on “MAC Therapy Equine”

  • Cher Williams 3 weeks ago

    I have used kate for many years and have always had good results with her treatment she’s very patient and has had success with her approach to my mares dislikes her ears are a no go area but kate can win her over quietly and no one else has got the result kate has achieved and relaxed my mare so well she’s very professional always arrives when she says and if not will message to say when she’s leaving an appointment to save you waiting unlike others I have used in the past , her approach to her methods are explained in full and the advice she gives you after is set out clearly to help you until your next visit

  • Laura Palmer
    7 months ago

    Kate previously treated my older ex-rising school horse, so it was a natural progression to book her to treat my Welsh D youngster. I’m lucky to have known Kate since childhood so know just how much she cares about horses. She is able to put horses at ease as she works calmly and thoroughly. Kate gives great advise and let’s you know at each stage of the treatment what she’s doing and why, so as an owner you feel involved and fully understand the process. Tarka and I look forward to many more visits and treatments, and we would both highly recommend her.

  • Zoe Oldfield
    7 months ago

    I can’t rate Kate highly enough. Kate has treated my girl for the second time yesterday . Kate is a very friendly professional and very knowledgeable lady . Kate has given me advice on how to continue with her suppleness and peeling back those layers . She has found an improvement already in the parts that need help .

  • Beccy Thomas
    1 year ago

    I had Kate out for the first time a couple weeks ago and she was incredible! Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. My mare had a few sore spots and Kate managed to get rid of them, and she loved it..started to fall asleep on us! We will definitely be having Kate back in a few weeks time!

  • Alana Shapland
    1 year ago

    I’ve recently started using Kate for my two, one who is into his 20s and the other being my ridden quirky mare who is croup high and after only one treatment my horse has never felt better. She’s given me some stretches to do in between to keep her supple in between our visits. Highly recommend, kate is amazing!

  • sandra tresidder
    1 year ago

    Total respect and trust in Kate, she is kind and positive and ensures that she does her best for your horse whilst never misleading any one. I am absolutely delighted with the help and consequences of her treatments.

  • Grace Williams
    1 year ago

    Kate treats my entire family’s horses and has done for years. From my cousins 13,2 pony, my aunts happy hacker, my competition pony to my mums event horse who placed 4th at badminton Kate treats them all just as importantly and helps keep them all supple and happy. She’s a miracle worker for sore, stiffer or older horses and after treatment my little cousins pony went from being grumpy and uptight from severe muscle soreness to a cuddly old teddy bear. My mare is naturally quite bum high but regular visits from Kate helps elevate any soreness that her conformation can lead to and helps stave off more serious ailments in the future. Couldn’t recommend her enough.

  • Lynsey Rickard
    1 year ago

    Kate is a fantastic knowledgeable equine therapist and all round horsewoman . My horses at of going was dramatically improved with these sessions and Kate has a lovely way with horses . She’s also great company , which is handy as your horse receives its wonderful long and thorough massage …. one in which we as riders could only ever hope for ! Highly recommend

  • Michaela Solomon
    1 year ago

    Kate is a lovely lady who has looked after my boy for many years by keeping him happy and supple , she’s always kind and caring to us both , always on time and conscientious

  • Jess Sweet
    1 year ago

    I have used Kate for many years. Extremely helpful and responsive in times of need. Great with all of the horses and ponies no matter whether they are competition horses or retired. We couldn’t be without her.

  • Lisa Batty
    1 year ago

    I have used Kate for many years, always very thorough, professional and I can always tell a difference after she has treated them, my horses also love the treatment and are always very relaxed during it.

  • Sarah Jones
    1 year ago

    I have had Kate treat Billy a failed P2P TB for about five/six years now. Billy presented originally with minor shortening of stride in his off hind, possibly a hang over from his training and racing days. There was a laying on of hands and frequent asks for Billy to wake up during treatment. But each time it has meant he is comfortable, willing in work and happier with the farrier. This lady has huge knowledge and advice to impart and I certainly have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

  • Kelly Blackmore
    1 year ago

    Kate has been an saviour when it comes to putting safi back in place. The mare I ride is very uptight when Kate started she wouldn’t relax however Kate persevered with her and I can happily say she now falls asleep to her massages. Such a knowledgeable lady, will always take the time that is needed for that horse. Very patient. And will always follow up to see how the horse is doing, if I tell her I don’t think she is right Kate will get her booked in ASAP. Highly recommended

  • Louise Allen
    1 year ago

    I’ve had kate for myrtle for the past 6 years, and wouldn’t use anyone else. My mare was wary of anyone new when she was younger and Kate was brilliant with her to gain her trust. Now we have Kate every 8 weeks to keep her nice and supple and myrtle loves her.

  • Lizette Jackman
    1 year ago

    Kate has been part of Murphy’s journey from the age of 6 months old. After many vet visits and no diagnosis clear, I ran out of all hope for him… I was so desperate for help, but with no idea which direction to turn. I heard of Kate from a friend and straight away got in contact with her. Kate came out to see him and I was so thankful for that day, especially when she said she had seen similar cases before. After just 1 session, Murphy turn a corner to making a recovery. Her experience is second to none! Even today, (5 years on) Kate is one of the first people I ask for help when Murphy isn’t feeling right, and every time I learn more. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for him and me!

  • Julie Bartter
    1 year ago

    Kate has been treating Betsy to the vip treatment every princess deserves for the last 3 years. Having had on off lameness and not being able to keep her sound for more than a couple of months due to a navicular injury 4 years ago. She is now back in work happy sound and the most relaxed she has been in a while. I would highly recommend Kate and I think Princess Betsy would agree!

  • Stacey Skelton
    1 year ago

    Kate has been treating my boy for a couple of years now. Cappagh really benefits form his visits from Kate whether that’s to keep him supple for competition or to keep him ticking over in the quieter months.
    Kate is fab and despite Cappagh’s quirky character she always keeps a calm and caring approach. I love how she gives me some exercises to do with him between visits to ensure I am doing everything I can to help keep him on top form.

    Would highly recommend Kate, thank you!

  • Niki Coon
    2 years ago

    Kate came highly recommended to me from a friend, she is absolutely amazing with the treatment she gives, Always arrives on time with a smile and is so calm around my boy. She is thorough and takes her time, there’s no looking at the clock with Kate , she just does what she does and its done when its done, I always get a full explanation of what has been done and why. I would highly recommend MacTherapy to anybody who’s horse needs this type of treatment.

  • Jo Julian
    2 years ago

    Kate is fantastic, very knowledgeable and caring. Great at what she does and always seeking to learn more. Cheerful and professional we always look forward to Kate and Dudley visits.

  • Ian Arch
    2 years ago

    I’ve been working with Kate for almost a year and she’s been fantastic, always professional, with great advice, highly recommended.

  • Cathy Craddock
    2 years ago

    MACtherapy has been looking after my gang for several years now. From keeping my oldies comfortable and easing their achey bits through to helping keep working horses in tip top condition. Kate has helped horses recover from injury through to advising great exercises to help the horses strengthen up.
    A lovely, straight talking, warmhearted person who also loves cake.

  • Kelly Raymont
    2 years ago

    Kate has treated my competition horse for several years, although he doesn’t have any major issues I find regular treatments help keep him ready to perform at his best. Usually if he starts to get a bit stiff or stuffy I check the calendar and it’s nearly Kate-time. She is very professional and always up to date with the latest techniques.

  • Tamsyn Dowling
    2 years ago

    MACTherapy delivers a professional, knowledgeable, friendly and reliable equine body work service. Kate will give a thorough appraisal of your horses tension points and treat accordingly, as well as offer comprehensive advice for maintaining and improving your horses way of going. Highly recommend.

  • Monica Luesley
    2 years ago

    Can’t rate this lady highly enough. She treats my 22yo Irish Draught regularly which helps keep her muscles soft and enables me to go on riding her. Kate’s experience and knowledge and her willingness to “go the extra mile” mean I have no hesitation in recommending her

  • Becca Sampson
    2 years ago

    I highly recommend Mac Therapy, Kate is absolutely fantastic with all horses/ponies. My welsh can be very sensitive to any changes/new people, but thanks to Kate and her calm approach she has allowed Obi to come to her in his own time, now he adores her. Obi always leaves the session relaxed and after any treatment he feels fabulous, ready to strut his stuff in the arena. Highly highly recommend. T

  • Helen Nicholls
    2 years ago

    If you are looking for a knowledgeable straight talking empathetic therapist you need Kate! Her background as an equestrian helps her to take an holistic approach to her treatments, she provides exercises, information & advice on how to improve your horses way of going and keep them at their best. She will be honest treat both you and your equine best friends with professionalism at all times. I highly recommend Mac therapy she keeps our ponies on top form.

  • Rachel Gardiner
    2 years ago

    Kate offers an amazing service. She has magic hands and always put my horses at ease. She has helped me with a number of issues with my horses and I can’t thank her enough

  • Zoe Boyd
    2 years ago

    Started to use MACtherapy about a year ago and she’s excellent. She’s very thorough when she treats your horse and then gives you a full after treatment explanation on what niggles your horse has and how to stretch those areas etc.
    I recommend her to anyone who needs their horses looked at.

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