Just like us, our animals are often affected by acute or chronic injury leading to imbalance of the musculoskeletal system. Such injuries show themselves in a variety of ways as all animals cope differently, some symptoms may include muscle wastage, a drop in performance or a change in behaviour. I work to combine the holistic nature of McTimoney manipulation with sports massage, myofacial release and kinesiology taping. Post-treatment I continue to work with the animal and their owner by helping to develop suitable rehabilitation regimes where necessary. Treatment has great benefits for animals of all ages, whether they perform and work to a high level or if they are simply your companion. As well as being relaxing and a great way to de-stress, treatments have some fantastic physical benefits too, some of these include:

• Improved circulation
• Release of muscle spasm, tension and stress build up
• Increased mobility, flexibility and range of motion, even improved performance
• Improved muscle strength and symmetry
• General improvement of comfortAs a fully qualified and insured Animal Chiropractor I cover the whole of Cornwall and into South Devon.

10 Reviews on “LJA McTimoney Animal Chiropractic”

  • Rachel Tremaine
    1 year ago

    Doesn’t get any better than Lauren !! Anyone looking for a professional , knowledgeable chiropractor for your horse or dog look no further.
    I wouldn’t use anyone else

  • Kelly Blackmore
    1 year ago

    Lauren has been out to me a few times now, all I can’t say is she is brilliant she has such a calm manner and is extremely professional, the mare I ride is very uptight and she struggles to relax, but once Lauren has worked her magic, the horse rides like a dream and is so much more supple in her work. Highly recommended.

  • Amy Parkin
    2 years ago

    Lauren is brilliant with both my horses and dogs. Is extremely knowledgeable and helpful talks me through great action plans.
    I’ve used Lauren for a few years now and she’s kept my competition horses on top form.

  • Helen Ansell
    2 years ago

    Lauren is amazing and I use her for both my Horse and my Dog. My horse isn’t the easiest to treat as she can be very tense and sensitive (chestnut mare!!) but Lauren is amazing with her, so patient and calm and always has her super relaxed very quickly. She is always so helpful with any issues I maybe having even if it isn’t always treatment related, she is so professional and knowledgeable and explains everything to me simply so I can understand everything. We always have homework to do and a plan of action which is the best thing for me, this helps me to keep my mare in tip top condition between our 6 monthly visits.
    I cant recommend Lauren enough. She is a very vital part of my equine team 🙂

  • Hannah Bennetts
    2 years ago

    Lauren has treated 4 of my horses and wow! Shes so patient and really educated me. Easy to chat too and generally just a lovely lady. Couldn’t recommend her enough

  • Louise Allen
    2 years ago

    Lauren has been treating my horse for a couple of years, she is so lovely with her, reassuring, knowledgable and explains things simply. We have Lauren every 6months to ensure she’s in tip top condition. Would highly recommend.

  • Jo Julian
    2 years ago

    Lauren is very professional and great with the horses. Her treatments are thorough and she is always happy to answer any questions and offer follow up advice. Very efficient and professional and clearly loves her work. I would happily recommend her to others.

  • Petrina Curtis
    2 years ago

    Lauren is informative and very knowledgeable. Always taking time to explain what she finds when examining your horse, what she is doing during treatment to help remedy and correct any faults. Also be prepared to have some homework set to encourage and support the remedial actions administered. The detailed follow up report is a huge bonus!
    Highly recommended

  • Kelly Raymont
    2 years ago

    Lauren has been treating my horses over the last year, she is very knowledgeable and professional.. Prior to her first visit I had been having issues with one canter lead, she immediately found the problem which was easily sorted and voila – back to my usual reliable horse!

  • Jodie Stafford
    2 years ago

    I have used Lauren for dog and horse treatments, I have always found her to be polite, thorough and professional. Lauren had a lovely manor with my animals, is always happy to answer any questions and has excellent follow up.
    Highly recommended

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