There’s a new grooming aid on the equine market and it’s been great fun being part of the launch over recent weeks. It’s already the buzz word among equestrians in parts of Scotland and the South-West where it’s been trialled extensively with phenomenal results.

Goodbye Flys is the brainchild of lifelong equestrian Sarah Dawe and combines several grooming aids in one application. It’s a show shine and conditioner for a horse’s coat. It smells divine, and effectively keeps the flies away. It aids sweet itch prevention, helps the re-growth of hair after wounding and, in short, midges, feather mites and horse flies hate it! Developed from an old family fly spray recipe, Goodbye Flys is a 100 per cent natural product, made by a horse owner for horses, their owners, and with the intention of putting money back into the equestrian world. “Like most riders, I’ve held an Olympic dream since childhood” says Sarah. She currently sponsors Devon based David Lee Reddan and Kent based Team GB dressage rider Daniel Watson. She adds “Sponsoring people with the ability to compete at international level keeps my dreams alive while helping some fabulously talented riders recognise their dreams too.”

11 Reviews on “Goodbye Flys”

  • Jenna Cope
    1 year ago

    Goodbye flys is a fab product, it smells lovely and it really helps their coat. I’ve used both the spray and shampoo, my horses loved the shampoo because they would snooze after bathing them in it. This year I am going all out and trying the product for my itchy pony and I hope it will help. It leaves their coats so shiny and looking very healthy.

  • Stacey Skelton
    1 year ago

    I love goodbye flys for my grey Cappagh. I used to use a number of different t shampoos to get rid of the stains and make him grey again. Now with Goodbye Flys I just use the one shampoo. I also use it to clean my brushes.
    I have recently purchased the show shine to use to rinse him off after and ride, not only does it smell incredible but it seems to be the best product to get the dirt and grease off.
    Love it!

  • Helen Ansell
    2 years ago

    I love these products. I was a little late to the party when it came to trying these but now I will never look back. They help to keep my horse super shiny and are perfect for her sensitive skin. Since I have been using Goodbye Flys we have not had any mud fever which is a miracle!! I also use the shampoo for washing my saddle pads and they come out not only smelling lush but really clean! Now i will be using their dog range as well for my precious pooches!!

  • Beth Taylor
    2 years ago

    I have been using goodbye fly’s for about 3 years now and haven’t looked back it’s amazing at getting my coloured horses sparkling and white. It is a great all year round product for bathing and the show shine. I use it in the summer for the flies and a good cold wash in the hot weather and in the winter hot cloth making clipping so much easier. Wouldn’t use anything else

  • Lucy Long
    2 years ago

    Amazing organic products with great results 👏
    Gets your whites white, removes dirt and you can even use it in the washing machine.
    Don’t forget the dog products too 😉

  • Samantha Gilbert
    2 years ago

    Love love love this product.
    My horse is itch free and has a beautiful shine to their coats. And best of all the flys are gone.
    Thank you Goodbye Flys for an awesome product. Xx

  • Monica Luesley
    2 years ago

    I’ve got a large grey mare who uses poo for a pillow. To my amazement this shampoo is just as good as any I’ve tried specifically for greys. She is also highly sensitive to small flies and I have found regular use of the shampoo helped throughout last summer.

  • Helen Nicholls
    2 years ago

    Having been sceptical we have just started to use Goodbye Flies products they are fabulous. We have 2 grey ponies…. their coats are left shiny, grease and scurf free plus they smell gorgeous!
    I definitely give these products 5 stars.

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