Freelance Dressage Trainer.

Competed up to Inter 1 (small tour) level at National Premier Leagues, with several placings.
Training to Grand Prix.
I also enjoy bringing young horses on, from backing right the way through to established ridden horses.

I am as comfortable helping someone to achieve their tail coat dreams as starting another at their first steps in dressage.
If you want to learn I am happy to train you.
Equally I can hop on board and help guide your horse / pony.

No qualifications in dressage, just my experience, although at university I set out to become a geography teacher, so it has come in handy!

My equine career started many moons ago as a show jumper, who was always fascinated by the dressage. Keen to go eventing, I went point to point, (very briefly). The horse I then purchased to take eventing (as he had said no to dressage) has turned out to be my dressage horse of a lifetime!
That’s horses for you.

Currently I compete two dressage bred horses, two I.D. X and a part native pony. Some are older, some are young, all are fabulous in their own ways and very trainable, variety is the spice of life.

10 Reviews on “Dominique Mills Equine”

  • Celeste Gall
    11 months ago

    I love training with Dom. She has this amazing intuition of how your horse will respond so she will always help you get the best out of them. Nothing is rushed, everything is done correctly and you always feel like you’ve made so much progress after just one lesson. I look forward to my lessons, even though my legs are aching 5 minutes in!

  • Jodie Stafford
    11 months ago

    I can’t recommend Dom enough! I am currently training two vastly different horses, her knowledge and experience enables her to adapt the sessions to suit our contrasting needs. We always leave with areas to work on and new exercises to try. I only wish I started working with her sooner!

  • sandra tresidder
    1 year ago

    Dom is just the most honest and empathetic trainer for horse and rider. I trust her implicitly. She shares her own learning and skills selflessly with her clients for the betterment of our horses. I cannot praise or thank Dom enough. We always manage a laugh as well which really helps the less skilled like myself.

  • Lynsey Rickard
    1 year ago

    Dom is the bees knees ! She has a way of getting me working when I don’t think she has seen , but she sees all . Eyes in back of head haha . Her dressage knowledge and expertise is all here ready to be given freely to get the best out of you both and she certainly has done that for me.
    She also has the biggest smile 😃 love her lessons

  • Sarah Kenny
    1 year ago

    Dom is amazing! She has a way of explaining things that I understand straight away, and the progress that I make because of this is great. She has the ability to adapt her training depending on the horse you’re riding and always gets the best from us

  • Beth Taylor
    2 years ago

    Dom is a highly experienced dressage rider/ trainer. I have been training with Dom for several years with 3 different horses over the time which have all been completely different buts she’s adapted exercises to suit each horse. Dom pushes me out of my comfort zone to progress. Would highly recommend

  • Jo Julian
    2 years ago

    Dom is a superb trainer, her vast experience comes across and she is able to adapt her teaching to suit each individual. Her lessons are always varied and she leaves you with plenty of ideas to bring forward to your own schooling sessions. Dom really cares about each partnership too at whatever level you are working.

  • Jean Buckland
    2 years ago

    I began training with Dom around 2013 after retiring. I was looking for someone who could offer regular, sympathetic training for both me and my horses indoors while also being able to ride occasionally if necessary. At the beginning I was competing at low level Riding Club dressage and starting BD Quest. I now have weekly sessions and every one takes us a little further forward, with exercises and tips matched to our needs. I have been encouraged to progress and compete (way beyond what i ever thought was possible) at regular BD and have attended both the Regional Championships and even made it to the National this year. She has a wealth of knowledge and connections which enable her to give a holistic approach to her work, the horses needs come first. Dom is not afraid to ‘tell you how it is’ if necessary, but always with a smile and is enabling me to fulfil my dreams.
    Highly recommended!

  • Lara Salter
    2 years ago

    Dom is a highly experienced trainer adapting her style to suit horse and rider. She is very committed putting thought into her sessions and tailoring lessons to the individual. Dom has helped me with both my older mare and now developing a younger horse. We’ll never be dressage divas because we love Eventing too much but Dom challenges me to get the best from my horse every session. Highly recommended!

  • Kelly Raymont
    2 years ago

    I first met Dom through the Cornwall Trec group sessions back in 2015(ish), her coaching in a group session is fantastic, giving you plenty to do, and also time to to try it out. The exercises can be adapted for all levels even if the group isn’t exactly matched meaning everyone gets their money’s worth. Since then I have had several private sessions, Dom can draw on her experience of a range of horses to help get the best out of whatever you are riding, just don’t expect to be able to walk when you get off!!

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